Practice Standard for Scheduling and Microsoft Project: Intro & Core Required Components

The Practice Standard for Scheduling – Second Edition is a compliment to the Project Time Management Knowledge Area and describes good practices for scheduling. The bulk of the practice standard lists 117 potential components of a scheduling tool and categorizes them based on whether they are required, conditional, or optional.


Core components (CRC) are required regardless of project complexity or use of conditional components. Conditional components are required if the project utilizes resource loading (RRC), earned value management (ERC), or risk management (KRC). Optional components may be present but are not required to be used. And, not scored (NS) components may be present but are not required to be used and are not used in the conformance assessment.

PMI Scheduling Components

The practice standard includes two tables and a detailed section that lists and categorizes the scheduling components.

Components by Activity

Fig 2-2(b) of the practice standard aligns 105 scheduling components to 9 activities, 7 of which are activities in the Project Time Management Knowledge Area (PMBOK® Guide – 4th Edition). The chart below depicts the activities and total number of components aligned to each.

By Activity

Components by Category

Table 4-1 of the practice standard aligns 117 scheduling components to 12 categories. The chart below depicts the 12 categories and the number of scheduling components aligned to each.

By Category

Notice there are 12 scheduling components from the Components by Activity table excluded?

Below is a revised Process Component Mapping Table [Fig 2-2(b)] with all scheduling components included. The Project Time Management Activities were also edited to reflect changes in PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition.

By Activity

Project 2013 Components

Project 2013 has [more than] 264 fields that have applications across 7 different types of fields. These 264 fields do not include each custom field, instead are accounted for as a single field (ex. Baseline 1-10 Cost instead of Baseline 1 Cost, Baseline 2 Cost, etc.).

The 7 types of fields and the number of each type is depicted below.

MSP fields by type_line

Core Required Components 

Of the 117 potential scheduling components, 38 are identified as Core that are required regardless of the project complexity in order to be in conformance with the practice standard.

Below is a table of the 38 Core Required Components and the most commonly used field(s), settings, or features available in Project 2013.

PMI CRC mapped to MSP

Part 2: Resource, EVM, and Risk required components mapped to available fields in Project.



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